Due to the World Trade Center disaster, telephone services for the entire New York downtown area have been disrupted. While service has been restored to Atlantis Health Plan's main number, calls placed to our toll-free numbers will not complete properly. The affected toll-free numbers are our 24/7 Medical Hotline (866-632-3847) and our Member Services number (877-632-7747).

Callers who need Member Services assistance should call our main number, 212-747-0877 and ask to speak to a member services representative. We will continue to do our best to handle your questions courteously and expeditiously.

Please bear with us during these difficult times.

Introduction   Brief Description of Products Offered   Advantages of AHP

Atlantis Health Systems, Inc., a New York corporation (the "Company"), was incorporated on April 17, 1995 as a holding company to be controlled by health care professionals residing in New York State and practicing in New York City. The Company was organized by 12 New York physicians ("founding Physicians"). The Company's central goal is to advance the cost-effective delivery of high quality health care in New York City by harnessing the skill, experience and knowledge of health care professionals at every step of the health care management and delivery process, and to recreate the health care partnership that once existed between the patient and the professional.

In order to achieve its goal of reinstating control over the delivery of high-quality, cost-effective health care, the Company established a health care delivery system in New York City involving an IPA model Health Maintenance Organization (an "HMO") to be called Atlantis Health Plan Inc. ("AHP").

Atlantis Health Plan has contracts with community-based multi-specialty networks of health care Facilities and Professionals who are familiar with their patient populations and who are also familiar with one another. The object is that conscientious physician management of health care services, provided within the context of community-based provider networks, will result in the delivery of high-quality, more cost-efficient care to the people of New York City.

Brief Description of Products Offered

Atlantis Health Plan provides the health benefits that are expected and required by members and groups.

• Traditional in-network HMO products are available that offer hospital and medical services, including preventive care, specialty care, mental health and substance abuse services and a variety of other benefits such as prescriptions and vision care.
• Point of Service (POS) plans, which allow members to use providers out of the HMO network, will soon be offered.
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Advantages of AHP

Why Should You Choose AHP?
What Makes Us Unique?

• Physician Owned Plan means that the member and the provider have a more personal and direct relationship.
• Physicians make decisions, not insurance executives.
• Your Primary Care Physician ("PCP") is available to you 24 hours a day or has provided that care for you.
• Modern use of technology provides more efficiency and virtually no paper work for members and providers.
• Extremely competitive premium rates result from the efficiencies of technological advances, reduced administrative expenses and no requirements to satisfy outside investors.
• Affordable Premiums
• Comprehensive Coverage
• Locally Based
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