Due to the World Trade Center disaster, telephone services for the entire New York downtown area have been disrupted. While service has been restored to Atlantis Health Plan's main number, calls placed to our toll-free numbers will not complete properly. The affected toll-free numbers are our 24/7 Medical Hotline (866-632-3847) and our Member Services number (877-632-7747).

Callers who need Member Services assistance should call our main number, 212-747-0877 and ask to speak to a member services representative. We will continue to do our best to handle your questions courteously and expeditiously.

Please bear with us during these difficult times.

Atlantis Health Plan is founded on the belief that the most appropriate and cost effective methods of managing health care utilization and outcomes center on the physician-patient relationship. We shall utilize the expertise of local practicing physicians in designing innovative practice guidelines that neither over-treat nor under- treat patients. At the plan management and administrative level, the plan will be in the forefront in the use of technology in order to provide excellent service to members, groups and participating providers.

Virtually complete health benefits will be offered at competitive prices to individuals and groups within our service area.