Due to the World Trade Center disaster, telephone services for the entire New York downtown area have been disrupted. While service has been restored to Atlantis Health Plan's main number, calls placed to our toll-free numbers will not complete properly. The affected toll-free numbers are our 24/7 Medical Hotline (866-632-3847) and our Member Services number (877-632-7747).

Callers who need Member Services assistance should call our main number, 212-747-0877 and ask to speak to a member services representative. We will continue to do our best to handle your questions courteously and expeditiously.

Please bear with us during these difficult times.

Choose from an Impressive Network of Local Doctors

All of the doctors in our network are highly qualified. And, you'll be pleased to know - they're "right around the corner." The Atlantis network consists of private practice doctors that are right in your neighborhood. That makes appointment scheduling easier - you can schedule appointments whenever it's convenient, to minimize the amount of work time you miss.

Your Coverage is Truly Comprehensive

To enjoy the savings and convenience of Atlantis Health Plan, you don't have to sacrifice anything in the way of coverage. Because the HMO Plan provides you with coverage for a long list of health care services - from preventive care... to office visits...to X-rays and lab tests...to hospitalization...to physical therapy. Click on the "HMO Plan Summaries" button to the left for a comparison of these plans.

Choose the Co-payment Plan that works best for you

Plan 10 Plan 10E Plan 15 Plan 15E Plan 20 Plan 20E
•Office Visits* $10 $10 $15 $15 $20 $20
•Inpatient Hospital $250 $0 $250 $0 $250 $0
•Emergency Room** $50 $50 $50 $50 $50 $50
•Mental Health Outpatient $20 $20 $25 $25 $30 $30

* Co-payment waived for well child exams
* Co-payment waived if member is admitted, but inpatient co-payment still applies

In addition, there are a variety of riders available to you and your employees which offer a number of prescription drug benefits, including mail order, vision benefits, student coverage and enhanced benefits for mental health/substance abuse and skilled nursing facilities.

Click on the "HMO Riders" button to learn more about these additional benefits.