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Atlantis Health Plan Case Installation

  1. All completed documents to enroll a new case must be submitted to Atlantis Health Plan no later than the 20th of the month preceding effective date, for 1st of the month effective. For 15th of the month effective, all cases must be submitted by the 5th. If the 20th or the 5th of the month falls on a weekend, then the immediately following Monday will be considered the cutoff date.
  2. Groups with incomplete information will not be enrolled until the proper information is supplied. In order to expedite the enrollment process, the following items must be included in the enrollment form:

    1. Social Security Number
    2. Date(s) of birth
    3. Complete Address
    4. Date of marriage (if applicable)
    5. Physician selection
    6. Date of Employment
    7. Employer AND Employee signatures where indicated

  3. Groups can be installed by class; two options can be selected for one group: one for management and one for staff. Same tier structure for both options required.
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