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Atlantis Health Plan Enrollment and Waiting Periods

  1. Groups are eligible for coverage on the 1st of the month only. We will accept 15th of the month effective date only when an existing policy (effective 15th of the month) is in place.
  2. Open enrollment will be held once a year, 30 days prior to renewal date.
  3. PLAN CHANGES. An official at the company should submit plan changes to Atlantis Health Plan no later than one month after initial enrollment. If no changes are made, then the next period to change benefits will be during open enrollment and submitted by the 25th of the month prior to renewal date.
  4. Employee waiting periods are subject to employer internal regulations.
  5. New employees will be able to enroll in the plan the first of the month following the waiting period.
  6. Employees who are terminated will be covered until the last day of the month in which the termination occurred. All terminations must be submitted either on a completed termination form or on company letterhead.
  7. Late enrollees (those who decline coverage and subsequently wish to enroll without a qualifying event) will be eligible to enroll at the next annual open enrollment period. Qualifying events: unexpected event that will terminate an employee's participation in another health plan.
  8. Employer contribution: Minimum contribution is 25% of single rate.
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