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Atlantis Health Plan Group Eligibility

  1. The group must be actively in business with a street address in one of the five Boroughs: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Staten Island.
  2. Eligible groups must have between 2 to 50 full time employees. Full time will be considered at least 20 hours per week. One employee group can be submitted only when accompanied by a waiver from the second eligible employee.
  3. Owners, Partners and officers must meet minimum hourly requirement. An officer of the company should provide written employment verification.
  4. Participation requirement is 50% participation after spousal waivers. No minimum requirements for HMO. Employees waiving coverage must submit waiver form with case submission.
  5. Atlantis requires all enrolling subscribers to reside or work in the contracted area: Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island and Bronx.

  6. Medicare recipients are eligible so long as they meet the criteria #2.
  7. Eligible dependents are defined as a legally married spouse or legally dependent children up to the age of 19, or to age 23 if financially dependent child is enrolled at an accredited educational institution. A student rider to age 25 is available for an additional cost.
  8. The following are excluded from eligibility and coverage:
    1. Individual compensated on 1099 basis.
    2. Domestic Partner of an eligible employee.
    3. Household help.
    4. Seasonal Workers, consultants & temporary personnel.
    5. Retirees.
  9. Should Atlantis Health Plan determine that group information is materially false, we reserve the right to terminate or deny coverage.
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