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Policy Broker of Record Letter (BOR)
  1. Commissions credit will be recognized for broker of record changes beginning the first of the month following the processing of the completed letter.
  2. You can send the BOR to your General Agent who will then forward information to AHP or you can mail it directly to us at Atlantis Health Plan, Broker Business Unit, Suite 1240, New York, NY 10006.
  3. Atlantis Health Plan will honor the original document; faxes or copies will not be honored. The BOR must be on the Company Letterhead.
  4. An authorized officer of the company must sign the letter.
  5. Only new business is counted toward the brokers administrative fees program.
  6. Groups taken over by a BOR will not be eligible for the administrative fee program.
  7. Groups lost on BOR changes within the first year of coverage will not be considered eligible groups for the administration fee program.
  8. Atlantis Health Plan direct cases are vested for a period of 1 year. BOR submitted on Atlantis Health Plan direct cases, will be honored beginning the first of the month following the processing of the completed letter (after the vested period).
  9. All monthly commission statements are mailed by the end of the month following the month in which the premium is received.
  10. There are no retroactive BOR. Commissions will not be assigned on a retroactive basis, nor will commissions be paid retroactively.
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