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What really sets this career apart? What really keeps our Sales Agents going? It's the fulfillment that comes from helping people, businesses, and families every single day, while at the same time, building wealth for you and your family.

Whether we're giving a person the ability to keep their children and family healthy, giving small businesses the opportunity to offer their valued employees a comprehensive benefits package, or protecting a person from skyrocketing healthcare costs, our Sales Agents make a difference in the community.

Atlantis Sales Agents tell their story:

I made a career change over 23 years ago by entering the insurance arena. I had the good fortune to finally find a company who "gets it" on the Managed Care front. Now with the many years of experience in health insurance, I find myself at the cross-roads of that career and I have chosen Atlantis Health Plan to work with. Atlantis is a company that truly cares about its members and also the people who work with those members -their employees. Now after all those years I feel revitalized and excited about my future and the new path in front of me. Thank you Atlantis for giving me this terrific opportunity!

Anthony Lombardi

The past two years have been transformational for me. I was new to health insurance, new to outside sales, and new to commission compensation. I had job offers from Atlantis and another company. The other position was "safe", with a good salary and benefits. A position that would have been interesting and challenging, but once I met Vinny I discovered I had a bigger dream for my life. I love what I do now. I tell people everywhere I go that I work for men of vision and passion. I couldn't be more proud of the work I do; helping people find health insurance coverage that they can finally afford, saving people lots of money, and watching my team of agents grow and prosper. I'm so glad my dream was stronger than my fears!

Lynn Berry

I studied theatre at Boston University and was waiting tables and auditioning when I met Jessica Magoch. She introduced me to the Atlantis opportunity. I joined the company two years ago and even though I had no background in sales, I saw immediate success thanks to the strong and supportive management team. I still can't believe what a great opportunity I've been given. In addition to my weekly income, I have all my residual income and can now look forward to a future of financial stability.

Lara Lauchheimer

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Please fax your resume to 212.747.8473 or email your resume in Word or PDF format by clicking below and an Atlantis representative will contact you to schedule an interview.