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Atlantis Rewards Program

Health Record

Beginning in late 2007, Atlantis members will be able to manage their personal healthcare-online.

By logging on to
Atlantis members will be able to:

  • access lab results and historical medical data
  • view prescription histories
  • access all x-ray, sonogram, CAT Scan and MRI reports.
Key benefits:

Privacy. The design of the software ensures that sensitive medical information will be protected.

Patient safety. Drug interactions and allergic reactions will be prevented by software that knows what medications the patient is taking and checks for conflicts. A patient's medical history will be available to every doctor the patient gives access to-- even if the doctor is in New York and the specialist is in California.

Relationships and personal care. Our own studies have already found that having a patient's medical history and treatment plan (from all providers) centralized in one health record affords portability, expedites decision making by healthcare providers and avoids duplication and unnecessary testing by other providers who might not have access to all the relevant information from their colleagues.

Prevention and wellness will be facilitated by the system; it will keep track of each patient's preventive care needs--checkups, follow ups--and remind patients and their doctors when a screening is needed.