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Chairman's Letter" width="366" height="20" border="0">

Dear Member,

My team at Atlantis has worked very hard for the past year reorganizing and restructuring the Company to better serve our customers. The process is complete and I have several important announcements to share with you.

  1. Management team
    Management has been completely restructured with new leadership in Claims, Customer Services, Health Services and Operations. Our experienced new team, built over the past year, is committed to the highest level of performance for our customers.
  2. Claims
    Atlantis pays claims within 30 days of receipt. This goes down to 15 days if your provider bills the Plan by computer. Claims are delayed only if they contain errors or request payment for services that require Plan review.
  3. Customer service
    This department has been upgraded, with emphasis on prompt and accurate responses to our customers' questions. Our goal is to answer all your questions completely with a single phone call.
  4. Network
    Atlantis Health Plan's network includes thousands of doctors and other health care providers with offices in the service area. We're working hard to double the size of our network in the next few months. If you live in New York City or the immediate suburbs, you'll be able to use the Atlantis network for every health need.
  5. New Products
    Atlantis rolled out new plan designs and pharmacy riders in September. The plans provide comprehensive coverage while saving you money.
Compare prices fairly. You'll find that Atlantis plans are significantly less expensive than our competitors.

We appreciate your business. Our entire company is ready to serve you.

Atlantis - the Health Plan for this economy.

Sury Anand, MD Chairman/CEO