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Atlantis Rewards Program

Track Your Mail Order Prescription Packages
Age 29 Benefits

Track Your Mail Order Prescription Packages

Effective July 1st, 2008, IPS will be providing delivery confirmation on all packages delivered via the United States Post Office; this is in addition to the confirmation already provided on parcels sent via UPS. This added feature will allow members to track packages through the postal system, and verify delivery status. This status can be checked via IPS's website at for any member who has registered as a Member Services user. Members without access to IPS's web-site can call an IPS Customer Service Representative at 1-800-233-3872 for status updates.

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Age 29 Benefits

New York State has recently changed their laws regarding dependent coverage, so this means that your covered dependent child who loses coverage before age 30 because he or she reaches the plan’s limiting age may now be eligible to continue coverage until their 30th birthday.

In order to be eligible for coverage, young adults must meet the following requirements:

  1. Be unmarried;
  2. Be 29 years of age or under;
  3. Not be insured by or eligible for health insurance through his or her own employer;
  4. Live, work or reside in New York State or the health insurance company’s service area;
  5. Not be covered under Medicare; and
  6. Their parent (the subscriber) must maintain coverage with Atlantis through their employer.
Coverage for these dependents will end on the first to occur of the following:
  1. The date the dependent no longer meets the dependent requirements.
  2. Failure to pay premium for the dependent coverage.
  3. Date on which the group or subscriber policy is terminated.
The law has 2 segments: (1) a Make Available Option and (2) a Mandatory Right of Election – Young Adult Option. To learn more about these options and eligibility, please read the applicable notice:

Information on Age 29 Benefits For Group Administrators

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