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Atlantis Outpatient Centers


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Conversion to Individual Membership

If you or a covered dependent are not eligible for continuation of group coverage, you may convert to an individual membership contract with Atlantis on a direct-payment basis.

Note: Prescription, vision and or any dental "Riders" which may have been available to you from your group remittance coverage ARE NOT convertible to individual membership coverage.

A complete description of enrollment regulations may be found in your Subscriber Contract.

Member Acknowledgements

Non-English Speaking Members
If you do not speak English or prefer to communicate in a language other than English, our Member Services staff can still assist you in understanding your coverage and/or with any other questions/concerns you may have. We will either direct your call to a multi-lingual staff member or establish a three-way connection with an interpreter. Most translation services will be arranged through the AT&T Language Line.

Medical Information and Records

As a Member of Atlantis Health Plan, you authorize any health care provider to provide Atlantis Health Plan, or its designee, with medical information/records for yourself as Subscriber, or for any dependents as listed on your application form.

Governing Agreement

Your rights and responsibilities are defined in the Subscriber Contract and should any discrepancy occur between the Subscriber Contract and any other Atlantis Health Plan literature, the Subscriber Contract is the governing Agreement.

Independent Contractors

All Atlantis Health Plan participating Primary Care Providers, as well as all other health care providers are independent contractors. In other words, they are not employees or agents of Atlantis Health Plan.

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