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Atlantis Outpatient Centers


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Enrollment Changes

It is important to notify Atlantis Health Plan whenever there is a change in your family status.

Atlantis Health Plan automatically covers newborn or newly adopted children for the first thirty (30) days of their lives. However, in order to continue coverage with Atlantis Health Plan, you are required to complete an Atlantis Health Plan "Change in Dependent Status" form, pay any additional premium or contribution and submit it to Atlantis Health Plan within the thirty-one (31) days.

Should you get married and wish to change from single to family status, or convert a family member who is no longer eligible as a dependent to his/her own coverage, please notify us.

Group Members should submit notification of changes to your employer or remitting agent. If the form is not submitted in a timely fashion, you may have to wait until the next open enrollment period to add a child or spouse to Atlantis Health Plan or make other changes to your family status.

Benefit Coverage

Timely payment of premiums is required in order to continue health care coverage and benefits. Atlantis Health Plan may terminate coverage and benefits based on non-payment of premiums as defined in the Subscriber Contract and or Group Remittance Agreement. As appropriate, your employer is authorized to withhold premium payments or contributions from your wages.

Coordination of Benefits for Group Members

If you are covered under any other health insurance plan, tell your doctor and Atlantis Health Plan.

Anytime more than one Group health insurance policy is effective for an individual, the insurance companies must coordinate their payments to ensure all covered services are paid, and that the combined payments do not exceed the charges for the services rendered.

The rules that determine which insurance carrier is primary or secondary are standard in the insurance industry. However, all Atlantis Health Plan procedures must be followed in order for Atlantis Health Plan to assume payment, even if Atlantis Health Plan coverage is not primary. Therefore, remember to see your Primary Care Provider for referrals to participating Atlantis Health Plan providers. Should you have questions about Coordination of Benefits after carefully reading the information in your Subscriber Contract, please call the Atlantis Health Plan Member Services Department at 1-877-MD-ASSIST.

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