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Prescription Drug and Vision Care

Prescription Drug and Vision Care are Covered Services of some Plans. Please check your Subscriber Contract, Schedule of Benefits or Group Rider to see if these benefits are applicable to your coverage.

Vision Care

Your Health Plan contract provides benefits for routine vision care services. Eyeglasses and contact lenses are not covered. Some Groups however have elected to provide benefits for eyeglasses and or contact lenses. When elected, a Rider (addendum) adds the coverage to your subscriber contract. The Rider details the benefits of the Vision Care coverage and explains how to obtain these services.

Prescription Drugs

Prescription Drug benefits may be a part of your standard Health Plan contract or added by a Rider. Please check your Summary of Benefits to see if you have coverage for Prescription Drugs. The Prescription Drug Card Program provides a network of participating pharmacies for filling prescriptions (up to a 34-day supply) and a mail-order program for 90-day supplies of maintenance drugs. Your Membership kit explains the Prescription Drug Card Program and how to access the benefits. In addition; your Subscriber contract and or Rider detail all benefits, exclusions and limitations of the coverage.

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic services are provided by Atlantis' chiropractic network. These benefits are subject to the terms and conditions described in your Subscriber Contract and the limitations shown in the Schedule of Benefits. If you or a covered family Member need to access chiropractic services, simply call Utilization Management at 1-800-270-9072.

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