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Atlantis Health Plan, Inc.

Congratulations! You have joined Atlantis Health Plan, Inc. ("Atlantis Health Plan"), a health care plan that values your membership and is committed to your good health. As a Member of Atlantis Health Plan, you are eligible to receive quality health care services and health education through a Network of Atlantis Health Plan participating hospitals and physicians. Your Subscriber Contract, Schedule of Benefits and any Riders provide complete details of your health care coverage. Please thoroughly review these documents. This handbook will help answer questions about membership in Atlantis Health Plan, so keep it in a safe place for easy reference. That way you will have information about how to use the Plan at your fingertips. If, after reading this book, you still have questions, please call our Member Services Department at 1-877-MD-ASSIST.

Thank you for choosing Atlantis Health Plan where our roots run deep and our commitment to service is strong!

The Atlantis Health Plan Identification Card

As a Member of Atlantis Health Plan, you and each enrolled Member of your family will have an individualized Atlantis Health Plan Identification Card. It is important that you keep this card with you at all times, so that you can identify yourself as an Atlantis Health Plan Member each time you receive medical services. Your identification card contains the following information:

  • Your Atlantis Health Plan identification number
  • Your first and last name, and
  • Your Primary Care Provider's name and telephone number
The reverse side of the card provides direction for providers of emergency services.

Anytime your basic enrollment information changes and you report it to Atlantis Health Plan; you will receive a new card automatically. Examples of basic information which should be reported to Atlantis Health Plan are a name change, addition or deletion of a family member, or change of Primary Care Provider.

Also, always remember that the identification card is only to be used by the person listed on the card; it may not be used by anyone else. Should you need to replace a card, please call Atlantis Health Plan's Member Services Department at 1-877-MD-ASSIST.

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