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chairman's corner
A Message From Our CEO

Dear Atlantis Member:

At Atlantis Health Plan, we recognize that your health is your most precious asset. We believe strongly that taking care of your health should be a partnership between you and your physician, and we are dedicated to helping both you and your physician make that partnership successful.

We also believe that we have an advantage in that decisions at Atlantis about your healthcare are made by physicians. We are committed to maintaining a balance in our medical management that neither undertreats nor overtreats the patient. Of course, in healthcare as in life, there is no free ride. It is your job as a patient to use healthcare resources wisely, just as it is our job to make sure the most appropriate healthcare resources are available to you when you need them.

Atlantis is trying to give you the best value for the premiums you pay with your hard-earned dollars. We want to be the value alternative in this market, providing a superb network at affordable prices.

Working together, we can make our new model of healthcare coverage a template for the industry. We at Atlantis Health Plan see a bright future in our continued relationship.


Sury Anand, MD

Chief Executive Officer

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